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  September 02, 2014

MicroAd Indonesia Establishes A Subsidiary “PT Digital Moda Indonesia” To Introduce “MyKawaii Style” in Indonesia

PT MicroAd Indonesia, (hereinafter referred to as “MicroAd Indonesia”; Headquarters of Jakarta, Indonesia; COO: Yoshiki Enohara) a leading Digital Agency in Indonesia, announced that it has established a local subsidiary “PT Digital Moda Indonesia (hereinafter referred to as “Digital Moda”)”, and has launched a new women’s online media, “MyKawaii Style”, that introduces Japanese fashion in Indonesia.


Although Muslim fashion has been the mainstream in Indonesia, the fashion style is changing, especially amongst the young generations who are interested in international trends.


Moreover, the E-commerce market in Indonesia is expected to witness a rapid growth, with the sales amount almost triple over the next few years from 1.79 billion in 2013 to 4.49 billion in 2016.


E-commerce Sales Growth in IndonesiaSource: eMarket (B2C Ecommerce Climbs Worldwide, as Emerging Markets Drive Sales Higher)


“While offering the latest Japanese women’s fashion information through ‘MyKawaii Style’, we can also understand more about the women’s fashion industry and consumer behaviour in Indonesia,” said Yoshiki Enohara, COO of MicroAd Indonesia. “With the accumulated market knowledge, we would like to start an E-commerce business here.”



MyKawaii Style Facebook page

MyKawaii Style Facebook Page


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【PT Digital Moda Indonesia Company Profile】

Company name

PT Digital Moda Indoensia 


Indosurya Plaza Floor 3A Jl. M.H. Thamrin No. 8-9 Jakarta Pusat


June 27, 2014


Suryanto Wijaya


Yoshiki Enohara


Emily Yoshigoe Wijaya


Internet media, E-commerce

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